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Welcome to my little space here on the web. theres nothing special in here except the thoughts and ideas that came out of my mind which all of you are welcome to read and if you dont mind comment :D

‘‘Scribbled Kiss ~’’
Sunday, April 10, 2011 @ 5:22 AM
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Maybe your wondering who is the guy :) To tell you his name is "Kenno" but I used to call me as "big'O", well my classmate geraldine gave that "codename" for him so that he'll not 'bisto' daw so I liked the CN so from that very day he is "big'o".. Honestly, I don't know why I fell for this guy he's not that handsome that every girl wants but his super duper CUTE lalo na pag mag SMILE siya! Probably I fell for his smile -- when he smiles you can really see the "spark" in his "sparkling eyes".. sh*t I can't believe I'm saying this things! They said I'm obsessed with him but to tell you I think I'm NOT, I'M just IN LOVE? with this guy... DO YOU THINK SO?


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